Like many other girls, high school was a place where I struggled with body image. I was constantly trying to meet my parents’ or coaches’ expectations and my happiness relied on the acceptance of others. Depending on the sport season, I was either told I needed to be skinnier and leaner or that I needed to be bigger and stronger. I was constantly trying to starve myself or stuff my face - it felt like there was no in between. It affected my quality of life because I began to avoid social situations that included food and would even spend hours searching for a restaurant that had acceptable menu options for me. As time went on, I realized that comparing myself to others was only setting me back. The constant comparisons were not only robbing me of my happiness, but they were also stripping me of my appreciation for my own gifts. Now, my journey is solely about focusing on my own milestones and progress. Focusing on myself has freed up my energy to have a deeper healing, and this is exactly what I like to incorporate into my sessions with our P4L athletes. It’s important to focus on both the mental and physical journeys!

Currently, I am also employed as a Physical Therapist Aide and a Track and Field coach. My lifelong passion has been to attain my Doctor of Physical Therapy in order to bridge the gap between performance and rehabilitation. When I officially enter that career path, one of my main goals is for people to establish and build more kinesthetic awareness so that they can be in-tuned with their bodies.
I’ve come a long way both personally and now professionally and I look forward to spread light wherever I go!

My Philosophy

As a San Francisco native, I began playing sports at a very young age and was involved in volleyball, basketball, track and field, and tennis. In high school, I was a 3-sport Varsity athlete and continued to excel in collegiate Track and Field, specializing in Javelin. After various activities and injuries, I developed a deeper sense of proprioception, speed, explosiveness, rhythm and timing, and rehabilitation. The combination of eating well and exercising has always provided me with a sense of euphoria and relaxation, and ultimately, this leads to a healthy body and mind. I hope that I can help others find that as well.

Change starts with the mind and when we respect and honor our body, we respect and honor ourselves. Finding the balance for both your mind and body is key because I believe that health is a state of complete harmony of the body and mind. When you are free from mental and physical disabilities and distractions, you can then fully engage and immerse yourself.

Areas of Expertise

  • Olympic weightlifting 
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Pre-hab/corrective exercise
  • Track and Field – sprints, jumps, javelin
  • NCAA Division 1 Javelin Thrower
  • Ranks 5th among Cal’s All-Time Top 10 in the Javelin.


  • CSCS
  • USAW Sport Performance Coach
  • IASTM Technique


“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” -Buddha



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