Working out shouldn't feel like work.

We are calling all weekend warriors, recreational athletes, and anyone who wants to find the athlete within them. Our small group training is a fun, creative, and scientific fitness program that is focused on cross training to prevent injuries and enhance your athletic engine.

You will also receive two guest passes for your loved ones each month! 

Don’t Guess, Measure it!

We want to make sure that you aren’t just walking through your fitness routine hoping for changes. Each month at P4L we program our classes for fitness goals that rotate between Strength/Power, Athletic conditioning, and Mobility so that we can measure our clients successes.

This month we have a Mobility goal of improving your FMS Shoulder Mobility and Active Straight Leg tests. Mobility is the first building block in movement and if this isn’t up to par then all types of exercise will be affected. Mobility —> Stability —> Strength.


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Terms and Conditions

  • No initiation fee
  • Memberships run on an auto-monthly basis and are non-transferrable
  • 3 hour window for canceling session or it will be counted as used for x sessions/month or 35$ fee for unlimited memberships
  • 30 day notice for membership terminations
  • No refunds

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