Functional Strength & Athletic Conditioning

with Coach Anthony, Coach Nathan, Coach Charles, Coach Austin, or Coach Amber

Improve your fitness with a combination of resistance and aerobic training!  Tired of machines? This class will challenge muscles you didn't even know you had with various movement modalities. Focus on balance and stability while you strengthen your whole body. Not only do we build your muscular endurance, we bring on athletic drills, battle ropes, ball slams- and anything else that your heart (rate) desires!  Our Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists are focused on improving your performance that will translate into performing for life!

You may be interested if:

  • You tend to be injury prone. Your strength and conditioning (CSCS) coaches provide on point cueing.  

  • You easily get bored with your workout routine.  Allow our coaches to do the thinking for you, they’ll incorporate their own personal style to mix it up for you.

  • You want cross-training? Whether you are a runner, weekend warrior, golfer, etc., we’ll help balance out your training.

  • Looking for a more well-rounded workout? Get your combo of strength training while getting your heartrate up!