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"Amber kicks my butt...and I like it! I've seen great results since joining P4L and working with Amber. Training with Amber has been fun and productive. She pushes me to work harder than I would be able to on my own, all while wearing a huge smile on her face. She's a great motivator in a calm and gentle way, like my own personal cheerleader. She's extremely knowledgeable about fitness, strength building and health and her workouts are never repetitive. Her Sunday morning classes are also a great way to start off a weekend day. I highly recommend training with Amber."

- Elizabeth K. (member since July 2016)


"I have been working with Anthony for almost 3 years now, and he has been a positive influence for my overall health. I have had my share of injuries over the years, but Anthony finds ways to give me a solid workout, while working to rehab my injury. We shift goals as we go, sometimes working on fitness and body fat percentage, but other times working on correcting movements or small aches and pains.

We have also made great progress in correcting some movements that has allowed me to play recreational softball with Perform for Life. We have greatly reduced the frequency of injuries I seem to have which helps keep me be consistent in the gym and happier outside of it. Anthony does a great job of mixing up our routines and finds a way to make it fun for me."

Jake S. (member since April 2014)

"Results! Ever freaked out before looking at the results of a test only to discover you ACED it because you had the DOPEST teacher who set you up for success? If you have not, then you need to get with the program with Austin Stubbs at Perform for Life. If you have, then you must already be on his program. I began my fitness journey in February 2017 with high expectations for success for myself. But I also was concerned about the usual hard and heavy tidings of menial progress, thinking I would reach these goals in 1-2 years. Luckily the expert team at PFL matched me up with Austin Stubbs. My requirements were excellent chemistry and excellent results. My first workout with Austin was the best workout of my life. Beforehand he had prepared a careful analysis of my body and honed in on dormant muscle groups in my body. This made me feel alive and connected my self discipline with the physical/body work. Within 2 months of regular training I had reduced my body fat percentage from 17.8% to 12.8%, and had gained 2 lbs of lean body mass. I had exceeded my 1-2 year goal in 2 months! I eliminated so much fat and put on lean, hard muscle mass. The results came so fast and furious that I had to ask if Austin and had an insurance policy to replace his clients' denim jeans with new sized down ones! He didnt have such an insurance policy but he did have a plan to build up my glutes to keep my nice selvedge jeans from falling to my feet, and it worked! So, I get to lose all the fat, build a better but and keep my jeans on, all in a day's work, no way!! The chemistry is outstanding and Austin takes careful notes and has a very organized and individualized plan. He is flexible with his time, early or late, and adjusts goals as progress is made. I continue to work with more refined goals now to keep my 41 year old body and mind younger and healthier than ever. I did the right thing for myself and so should you."

Omondi N. (member since February 2017)

When I started to train with Austin Villamil, I was trying to improve my overall health and fitness, with an eye towards also boosting my mood and sleep. I thought that working with a personal trainer would give me the structure and accountability I needed so that I wouldn’t just give up.

Working with Austin has been exactly what I needed. My time with him each week is always fun. He challenges me, but also pays attention to what my body needs on any given day. I can feel the progress I’ve been making, thanks to Austin’s ongoing encouragement and support, his attention to detail, his dedication to helping me with all my various aches and pains, and his warmth and positive attitude.

Ian G (member since December 2015) 

"I love my training sessions with Brandon. If I could see him seven days a week, I would. Rather than entering a workout with dread, I look forward to training with Brandon. Brandon’s work with me is very well-rounded. We don’t just focus on building strength but he also works to improve my endurance and mobility and pays attention to proper alignment and movement. He pushes me hard and I feel so good about myself when the sessions are over. He makes sure I’m consistently surpassing goals and motivates me to work my hardest, all while smiling and chatting about the Giants and Warriors. Brandon’s workouts make the long-hibernating athlete in me come alive again and I feel younger and healthier. The results have been great. There’s been a noticeable improvement in my physical appearance as well as my mental well-being. Train with B-Woo!"

- Elizabeth K(member since July 2016)

"I trained with Charles for three months to prep for my wedding and it was the best choice I could have made!  Charles has a great way of pushing me to do things that I would never do working out on my own, while also helping to understand the mechanics and the reason why I am doing the exercises.  Charles' laid back attitude and calming presence makes workouts fly by.   He consistently listened to the exercises I enjoyed and helped to tailor my workouts to the things I enjoyed.

Most importantly, I can see a huge difference in my strength and body composition since starting to work with Charles.  I had particular areas that I wanted to target for my wedding dress - Charles not only improved those areas but also improved my entire body.  He paid attention to my body composition and my strengths and weaknesses and worked to improve those.

Overall, I am so thankful that I decided to work with Charles, and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!"

- Caley A. (member since April 2017)

"I signed up with P4L because of a number of recurring injuries that had been preventing from exercising.  I was looking for somewhere that would help with rehabilitation, teach me how to overcome future injury and most importantly get great results.  Since the beginning of this year I have been trained by Kathleen Beachler. Kathleen has been fantastically diligent in helping me achieve my goals.  She understands my previous injuries and has developed a program that is helping me get great results without risk, plus it’s fun too.  I feel like we’re working hard, without it feeling like hard work. I thoroughly recommend Kathleen’s expertise and personable approach for anyone looking to re-boot their fitness regime."

- Paul P. (member since October 2015) 

" I have worked with Michael for over 7 years as a personal training client. Michael has helped me to be healthier through exercise routines and nutrition advice.  More than this though, Michael has helped me learn how to keep injuries at bay and stay strong through proactive exercise regimes.  Michael also is a talented body worker using massage,PDTR, ART and other techniques to help me with pain or injuries. He is a professional, constantly improving his knowledge base and using what he learns to improve my quality of life.  Michael cares about his clients and is a pleasure to be with.  I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a personal trainer!"

- Erica P. (member since May 2016)


My experience with Perform For Life has been life changing. For many years I avoided returning to a gym due to an injury experienced with a former trainer during a workout.  While doing an evaluation with Justine and Bryant, I was introduced to Michael Phillips who would become my trainer for the next two months. Having not done a formal fitness regime in some time, Michael started with simple exercises that enabled quick progression and results. I gained confidence with his mentorship and felt safe working with him.  His detailed, intelligent and research based approach to my program created a sense that I was working with one of the best.  Over the past two months I have created results and never have felt pushed beyond my limits.  When I experience aches and pains, Michael works around my issues and we continue to move forward.  I could not have had a better experience with Michael and the entire P4L team.  Despite my relocation out of the area, I will continue to use Michael to write a program for me and will commute into the city once a month to continue my progress with the intention of eventually doing so on my own.  Before meeting Michael and the rest of the team I would never have thought this possible.  My outlook on fitness has changed and I now have the confidence to live a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you to Michael and the entire team at Perform For Life.

Michael P. (member since March 2017)

"Training with Nathan so far has been really fantastic. I feel like I am getting stronger, and learning more about good form. Nathan is encouraging, and he is always pushing me to do my best. He is a very knowledgeable trainer. He is able to answer questions that I might have about fitness, and healthy living. Nate is not just a trainer, but he is also a friend. He is very down to earth. We always make jokes during our sessions. It makes lifting heavy weights and cardio more tolerable. I look forward to our sessions every week because I know that I’ll be getting stronger and having fun at the same time. I hope to build muscle and I know that I can reach my goals working with Nate. I also hope to beat him in an arm wrestling match one day."

- Frances V. (member since May 2015)