our story


In 2014, co-founders Bryant and Justine Sharifi married each other and their passions, and together created the concept behind Perform for Life.  Although Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Bryant, and Registered Nurse, Justine, had very different personal journeys that shaped their relationships with their physical well being, they discovered that they had the potential to combine their philosophies to make a positive impact in the training world.  They made the bold move of opening up shop in San Francisco with the intention of developing a respected establishment and brand in the fitness industry that promotes superior quality service, coaching, and education.  Perform for Life’s foundations were built upon principles of building trust and creating a community where CLIENTS feel appreciated and valued, and an environment for PERSONAL TRAINERS to establish careers in which they are supported and encouraged in their professional endeavors. Together, they are passionate about helping others perform better in sport, recreation, and most importantly: Life.


When it comes to making fitness a priority, we've told ourselves, "We'll start on Monday" or "It'll be my New Year's Resolution."  Well, why not now?  Empower yourself in the present and make it your lifestyle! 

the four p's Of p4L


We help you gain perspective, shifting your approach to fitness by viewing it as a lifestyle instead of an end goal.

We advise you through the process of moving more efficiently and becoming more mindful and knowledgable about your movement patterns to improve your quality of life.  

We transfer our passion and create an enjoyable experience for you with like-minded people to motivate you through your journey.  

Lastly, we help you define your purpose, or your "why", to help you sustain a healthy, lifelong relationship with fitness.

What Separates Us From The Rest

We are a family of fitness professionals who value connecting with our clients and staying current with our education. 


Utilizing our education in Kinesiology, we strive to be at the forefront of the industry by actively seeking opportunities to further our knowledge and share it with our community. 

  • All Coaches are required to be CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certified.  A degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or a related field are required for this certification
  • We use assessment tools from FMS, SFMA, NKT and CHEK
  • Coaches write weekly blogs, then lead an in-house workshop to fellow coaches to not only continually review information already learned, but also to add to our knowledge base
  • As a team, we attend at least one continuing education workshop every quarter

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