Our certified strength and conditioning coaches will help you reach your potential. The ability to produce large amounts of force in a short period of time is pure gold in sport performance. Our Training program has shown to increase strength (14%), speed (8%), agility (11%), and power (6%) in 8 weeks. The P4L Sport Performance Team has coached professional athletes across the country.

Train like a pro at Perform For Life

Foundational Elements

  • Enhance Rate of Force Development

  • Improve Vertical Jump

  • Optimize Speed and Agility

  • Learn Proper Acceleration / Deceleration mechanics

  • Improve Bioenergetic Capacity

  • Decrease Injury Risk

  • Reach Your Potential

WANT TO RUN FASTER? or injury free?

Our P4L Run Lab specializes in VO2 max testing. This is considered the gold standard in measuring cardiorespiratory fitness. This test will measure your body’s ability to consume, distribute, and utilize oxygen. Additionally, this test will offer insight into what substrate (carbs or fats) your body uses during varying intensities. When paired with a running gait analysis, your metabolic efficiency can be calculated and, as a result, provide insight on how fit you are.


Athletic categories we specialize in