Favorite quote

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Areas of ExpertisE

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Sports Performance

  • Functional Training

  • Body Composition (Fat Loss)


I fell in love with sports and physical activity at a very young age. I was always running around trying to burn off all the energy that I had - something that I still need to do from time to time. When my parents put me into organized sports, I was 110% in. I grew up playing several sports as a kid including soccer, baseball, basketball, and track. In high school I continued my athletic career, playing soccer, basketball, and running track all 4 years. I had knee surgery my sophomore year of high school, and this changed the way I viewed sports. I had to learn patience in the rehab process, along with mental toughness. With the guidance of my athletic trainer, I worked my way back to full strength and was able to play sports again in about 9 months, but those 9 months were nowhere near easy. At that time, I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist and help other young athletes gain the strength and movement proficiency to return to sports after an injury. I went to college determined to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

The first week of college, I tried out for the club soccer team. Around this time, I also started lifting weights with my friend for fun. I had always enjoyed weightlifting, but I realized then the impact that weight training can have on performance. My strength center manager approached me and suggested that I train with the Olympic weightlifting team if I wanted to get even stronger and help my performance on the soccer field. That’s when everything changed. Not only did I become obsessed with olympic weightlifting, but I also realized that I wanted to help athletes get stronger for their sport and hopefully be on the prevention side of injury as opposed to the recovery side. To this day, I am a competitive weightlifter with a passion for helping athletes and people move better to succeed in whatever they want to accomplish - in life or in sport.


Throughout my years of sport, I’ve realized that being able to move properly is everything. Whether it’s sport or life, having good movement patterns is important to living a long and healthy life, free of injury. I believe that everyone should be taught to move properly to avoid injury that can occur from the inability to do so. We only get one body and I believe that taking care of it is essential for a good quality of life. I have learned that moving well has a huge affect on how we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s not always about how much weight we can lift, but how we lift it.


  • CSCS

  • USA Weightlifting – Advanced Sport Performance Coach (L2)

  • CPR/AED/First Aid


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