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“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” - Tim Notke


My entire life I have lived an active lifestyle. Throughout my childhood to even my current every day to day life, I have always participated in a variety of different sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, canoe paddling, judo, and track and field.  Sports had a huge impact on my life and shaped me into who I am today. It was sort of therapeutic to be able to utilize my energy in sports to express myself and build relationships with teammates. Being exposed to all these different activities gave me insight to what I wanted to do for when I decided on a career path for my future.  I fell in love with being active at a young age but really started to care about my physical health when I was a sophomore in high school. It was when I was running football patterns with my dad at the park down the street from my house, when I pulled my hamstring (for the first time). Back then I didn’t even know what a hamstring was so I went home and did some independent research.  In high school, and in college as well, I was always taking advantage of our school’s gym facility and talking to the trainers that worked there. I would always ask questions as to why they were stretching that muscle, or doing this exercise.

I found all the exposure to this world so interesting and really exciting at a young age. I became so intrigued by the human body and how complex and beautiful it is when we perform in exercise and even in everyday life. In high school and in college as well, I was always taking advantage of our school’s gym facility and talking to the trainers that worked there.  I just found all this exposure to this field so interesting and really exciting at a young age. It was when I took an Anatomical Kinesiology class at the University of San Francisco, when I knew I was down the path to the career of my dreams. One of the more exciting things about this journey to me is being aware of my own body and learning how to challenge myself everyday.  You feel so in control and a little more aligned with yourself. This is truly one of the best feelings to have in the crazy busy lives we live everyday with the stresses from work, school, and life in general.

The main reason why I chose to pursue a career down this path is mainly because of my love for staying active. And what better way to continue that lifestyle than to pursue a career in the fitness industry? I hope to bring this hyper awareness of self to the community because I do believe health and exercise, and taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally is the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself!


I often surround or find myself with pretty active people and the competitive nature has always been the best form of motivation and inspiration for myself and my personal goals.  Playing different sports has been vital to developing my character throughout the years. For instance, playing on team sports shaped my work ethic. It taught me how to work well and collaborate ideas with groups of people and that team effort is an important key to success when there is a common goal that is trying to be reached. And individual sports has taught me that nothing comes easy and that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” My dad would always say this quote to me when I felt defeated in any aspect of life and it rings true for me still to this day.  We are all capable to reach the goals we set for ourselves. It just comes down to figuring out what motivates you and staying in that intrinsically motivated state of mind to attain your end result. In life I know the biggest obstacle in my way from reaching my goals is myself. Every now and then I ask myself, “to go to the gym, or to stay home and eat pie and watch the newest episodes of Stranger Things?” Stranger Things sometimes wins the battle, but I tell myself to work twice as hard when I do eventually do make it to the gym.


CPR and AED certified