Favorite quote

“Earned not given” - Mattie Rodgers

Areas of ExpertisE

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Powerlifting

  • Strength Training

  • Hypertrophy Training

  • CrossFit/ Metabolic Training


I grew up playing lots of team sports - field hockey, softball, track, volleyball, and soccer. I fell in love with soccer at the age of 5 and played on a competitive travel team in North Carolina. In college is when I really got into strength training and bodybuilding and a sport.  I dedicated my focus to developing my body and its ability to perform to my full potential. By high school I knew I wanted to have a career in the fitness industry.

 In my teen years I had taken the initiative to incorporate a lot of strength and bodybuilding outside of team practice because at that time, at that level, it was hardly included with aerobic sports.  What I gained by doing strength training as a young teen was learning and practicing a tremendous amount of self discipline, both in workouts and competition.  I think it made me a better athlete, because I had worked harder and could perform better than many of my teammates who weren’t exposed to the benefits of strength training.  By the time I discovered competitive weightlifting in college I had a huge advantage because I had such a good foundation in base strength. In just six months from when I first began competitive weightlifting I qualified for my first National level meet. This is when I knew that I had found the sport that incorporated everything I valued in athletics. 

I’ve had two injuries that really impacted my training, The first was an SI joint dysfunction which put me in physical therapy and took me out of training. This was when my mental toughness was really challenged, because I missed training so much. However I learned my greatest personal lesson, which is patience: I need to let my body rest when it is injured.  My other major injury and set-back happened six months later when I fractured my ankle. This time, I could see how much I’d grown because I was able to handle it in a healthier way.  I realized these experiences will help me be a better coach and trainer, because I can now sympathize and help them find positive and alternative ways to remain active and in training while recovering from injury. Overall, I feel that my life experiences will brng motivational strength and stamina to the athletes at Perform for Life.


  • CSCS

  • USAW Advanced Level 2

  • AED/ CPR/ First Aid


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