1:1 COACHING & Small group training

We invite you to join our P4L community! Please take 5-10 minutes to complete our confidential NEW CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE.  A scheduled Movement Assessment is required before beginning your 1:1 Coaching experience.  For Small Group Training, an initial Form Orientation is recommended but not mandatory. Thank you in advance for trusting us with your care.

1:1 Coaching movement ASSESSMENT

60 min $135         90 Min $179

Our thorough MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT is required prior to starting a 1:1 coaching plan. Based on your unique needs, we meet you where you are at, creating a personalized experience that takes from the top tiered assessments in the fitness industry.  Whether it's diminishing pain, enhancing athletic performance, or improving the way you move, our experts will help tailor a 1:1 Coaching plan to help you with your goals!  Please reserve 60-90 minutes for the this process-initial assessment, report of findings, and treatment plan.

our certifications

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RATES: 1:1 Coaching and Partner training session rates vary from $100-$150 depending on coach, package size, and exercise prescription needs. A scheduled movement assessment is required to determine package rates. All personal training clients receive complimentary access to small group training.

TPI Assessment (Golf)


The TPI Certification program is an evidence-based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing. During this assessment, we will evaluate the body-swing connection a player's physical readiness. By using TPI's physical assessment screen, we see how the results are correlated to the player's swing characteristics, which are evaluated using video software.

Small Group Form Orientation


Our FORM ORIENTATION is an optional service to better prepare you for Small Group Training Sessions. We recommend this service for those who have minimal experience with strength and/or conditioning.  The form orientation covers Posture, Cues, Proper Lifting Mechanics and Functional Movements.  Please reserve 60 minutes for this process.

Gift Certificates

Available for purchase, call (415) 355-0745.