my philosophy

My relationship with fitness ignited in my early 20s when I was introduced to a strength and conditioning coach at my local gym.  Until then, I never touched a weight in my life nor did I ever dabble in organized sports! During my college years, I treated strength training like a new hobby, even a social hour. My coach worked with a group model where I saw the same familiar faces day after day, adding a fun social aspect which made it easier for me to make it in on a regular basis.  But then, life happened, and kept happening.  As my schedule changed, so did my priorities, and like many other people, my fitness regimen became really sporadic.  

When I graduated from nursing school I took a year off to focus on myself and my physical well being.  I joined a dance group, enjoyed the outdoors, attended fitness classes with my dance teammates, I was able to exercise and socialize again and it felt invigorating.  It was a matter of time until I decided I had to enter the health field and adult workforce, and ironically enough, my health suffered within the first three months. I let myself go- the combination of long hours in a stressful work environment during the weekdays followed by binging on the weekend got the best of me. Twenty pounds later, I was hit with a reality check of what it meant to be like the masses and struggle with work/life balance.   

I believe in a holistic lifestyle approach to fitness where the mind, body, and soul influences my overall health well being, and value balance and moderation versus any extremist routes- and I was not being true to myself.  Rather than “balancing” my hectic work week with a weekend binge, I thought to myself- why isn’t there a fun community environment where like-minded professionals could come together and participate in healthy behaviors on a daily basis? Once I met my husband, Bryant- my dreams came to fruition.  Together we created Perform for Life, where I put emphasis on the community aspect- social connection between coaches, clients, and those surrounding me because of its strong influence in improving everyone’s overall quality of life.  


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