At Perform For Life, we also offer online training if you are not able to make it into one of our locations. This package consists of: 

Training Program

  • 12 week program broken down into 4 three week cycles

1:1 phone calls with the trainer

  • 30-minute call once a week to discuss progress, ask questions, and plan ahead

Facebook group

  • Facebook page for social support and help with non program-specific questions

Exercise video review

  • Record your first and last work set of every exercise

  • We review your fresh and fatigued technique

E-mail access

  • 24 hour guaranteed email response


2 sessions/week for 12 weeks

3 sessions/week for 12 weeks

4 sessions/week for 12 weeks




For those looking for extra guidance, we also provide the option to purchase 1 in-person session before designing your customized one-month program that you can take home with you.