Many people make new year’s resolutions to change their life during the new year in some way or another. These changes can be big or small, significant or rather insignificant. However, it is all too often that these resolutions, especially ones concerning exercise or health, are put on the backburner as one continues a busy work schedule and life in general. Though it may seem out of reach, it is possible to stick to a new year’s resolution, become healthier, and to make these changes a permanent part of your every day life.

            More often than not, a person’s job can and will take priority over their health and fitness goals. Making a new year’s resolution in this day and age is synonymous with failing to keep it. Perhaps the most common excuse for giving up on fitness-related resolutions is people’s alleged lack of time, claiming that their 9 to 5’s take up any reasonable time that they might be able to go to the gym. Lucky for you, Perform for Life is accommodated to exactly this – we are open from 6am to 10am and 5pm to 9pm on weekdays, with our earliest group class beginning at 6:10am. This allows our clients to get a sweat on before they go into work, which can make your day at work all the better, considering the fact that studies have shown exercise to improve mood, concentration, and productivity levels. Along with this, our schedule also allows for the option of coming in after a long day’s work if waking up early isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Not only this, but our location is ideal for those that work in the financial district of San Francisco – at 1825 Market, we are a straight shot into FiDi. We even have a shower, meaning that you could bring your work attire, get a workout in, shower, and be into work all before 9am.

            Another way to improve the likelihood of sticking to your fitness resolution is by getting a fitness coach. In doing so, you can lay out specific goals and have a professional construct a plan to achieve them, while also having someone to keep you motivated and accountable (to them and to yourself). Not only this, but at Perform for Life, our motto is ‘exercise, socialize, revitalize’, meaning that we aim to create a positive and supportive social environment that allows not only your coach, but also the friends that you make here who are on a similar fitness journey, to keep you on track. Having specific goals also increases the likelihood of adhering to them – it is much more feasible to work towards a goal of ‘losing 15 pounds of fat, specifically around my waist and hips while increasing stamina and energy levels’ as opposed to simply ‘getting in shape’. Remember, the key to achieving goals and goal setting in general is to have S.M.A.R.T. goals – goals that are smart, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely.

            Don’t be one of the many that lets themselves down and fails to keep their new year’s resolutions. Everyone has the potential achieve their goals, but not everyone has the motivation and drive to do so. Becoming a part of the P4L family is setting yourself up for success, so why not try?



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