What motivates you or what helps you get up in the morning?

I think love and fear are the two basic underlying motivations behind literally everything I do! I am motivated to exercise because I’m learning to love myself more every day.

When did you start performing for life and what are some milestones since then?

I started at P4L a few weeks after it opened! The biggest milestone for me was when I finally opened up and started making friends at the gym. It was, in the past, a very intimidating environment for me and so I’d try to sneak out as quickly as possible afterward!

What’s your go-to work-out song?

Whatever Anthony’s got on his playlist!

Tell us how you came back from the setbacks you've experienced. How did you get through it? 

In the past, I would encounter a setback and throw in the towel. Now I see them as gifts, ways to make the story a bit more interesting. I understand now that challenges shape me and I discover more about who I am through them and how I choose to react to them. When I face a challenge or obstacle, I just find one thing I can do that feels like progress. Then I do that. Then I do the next thing, and then the next.