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Why the Key to Success is Failure


Why the Key to Success is Failure

I grew up on The Fresh Prince and I’ve always admired Will Smith for the way he’s able to be real with his audience. Through his TV shows and films, I was able to connect and relate to the underlying messages in his work. Hard work and determination were always the key to his success. Of course, with success comes failure. In the video above, Smith explains that failure isn't always a bad thing. Failures and mistakes are what make us stronger. It’s okay to fail but not okay to quit.

When it comes to training...

Fail early.

When we first start exercising, whether it’s our first time or were coming back after being out of the game for a while, there will be failure. We may feel weak, feel timid, and be gasping for air, but if we don't fail at this stage, we won't have a starting point to improve upon.

Fail Often.

If we fail during our last rep or set, it’s okay - it means we’re pushing ourselves to be stronger and better than before. It’s important to push our limits and test our abilities. Failing over and over again shouldn’t and doesn’t determine our weakness, but shows where improvements can be made.

Fail Forward.

Use failure as forward momentum. Our job as movement specialists is to plan ahead, program for a goal you’ve set, and help you reach those goals. If you don’t reach those goals, remember a few things. First, you’re probably closer to your goals than you were before, so progress is being made. Second, use any anger and frustration you may feel as motivation to achieve them in the future. Finally, keep up the hard work, determination, and work ethic, just like Will Smith - who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Fresh Prince (or Princess).

Like Michael Jordan said, "I've failed over and over and over again in life, and that is why I succeed."