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How to Reset Your Body for a New Day


How to Reset Your Body for a New Day

Preparing for a new day starts with the day and night before. Although most would say that you should get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, everyone’s body is different, and with that, each person’s sleep requirements vary. If you’re an 8-hour sleeper - awesome! If you’re a 5-7 hour sleeper like me, read below for tips and strategies. If you think you’re a 3-4 hour sleeper, then I would recommend you prioritize getting more sleep! Whether it's because of stress, work, or life in general, everyone encounters times when our sleep is out of our control, but sleep is extremely important, so it should be somewhere on everyone’s list of priorities. I’ll talk more in a bit about ways to make you feel less tired throughout the day.

Sometimes we just lay in our bed in our thoughts and continually wonder when we'll fall asleep. As a kid, and even now, I will listen to music that I know will put me in a more relaxed state. Put down the bright phone screen (or if you have to be on it, use your phone’s night shift and turn down the brightness), turn off the Netflix, and don’t forget to breathe.


  • Foam roll: Bodily tension may make it harder to fall asleep. You want your body to feel relaxed so that your muscles can better regenerate as you sleep, and foam rolling is a perfect way to release any tension you may be holding from the day. Think about getting a massage - how easy is it to fall asleep after? (Source:

  • Set your alarm - use a song that you'd be happy to wake up to instead of the preset noises your iPhone or Android comes with.


  • Breathe: try deep breathing to calm your nerves. Deep (belly) breathing stimulates the “rest and digest” portion of your autonomic nervous system, thus slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and allowing your mind to relax. Check out the article below for some deep breathing exercises (Source:
  • Cuddle with your significant other- nothing is better than falling asleep with your boo
  • Single? No problem- more space to spread out
  • Have a pet? If you’re open to it, allow them to sleep with you. Though the evidence isn’t conclusive, some studies have shown that animal-human co-sleeping can improve sleep quality.



  • As you wake up from your alarm, do NOT snooze! Let your song play out. This will allow you to wake up slowly, as opposed to snoozing and rushing when you’re finally out of bed.
  • As your song plays, stretch while in bed. We tend to hold positions for long periods of time while sleeping, and this can cause the muscles that are shortened in these positions to become tight. (Source:
  • After getting out of bed, hit about 5 squats before you head to the bathroom and do your thing: brush your teeth, wash your face, etc.
  • Try to drink a large (16oz) glass of water within 15 minutes of waking up, then don’t be afraid to follow it up with your favorite morning beverage, coffee, tea, or juice. Starting the morning with water will rehydrate you and stimulate your metabolism

Starting your day off with a routine like this will allow you to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Now, the hard part expect the unexpected. There are days when work, life, and the world around us can be quite stressful, and this can affect our emotions. Stress is a part of the American adult lifestyle, plain and simple; we must try different ways to cope with it until we know what works.


  • Continue to breathe! Calm your mind. If you’re feeling stressed at a given moment, try a five-second inhale through the nose, allowing the air to fill your belly, followed by a seven-second exhale

  • Exercise! Get your butt in the gym to release some pent-up stress

  • Plan ahead and make a playlist to listen to in times of stress - music can be a great stress reliever

  • Talk to people! Call a friend or family member, or talk to a co-worker. Human interaction can really go a long way, and it’ll allow you to air out any frustration or stress you may be feeling. Keeping these things internalized can allow them to take over your entire psyche. Getting these things out in the open will put them into perspective, and can make them seem more manageable

  • Help someone in need. Whatever it is, make someone else’s day better, and yours will be too.

Hopefully, these tips helped you reset your body for a new day. Below, I've attached a playlist that personally energizes me. Find the tunes, sounds, people, places, and things that ignite that spark in you.


Reset Your Mindset


Reset Your Mindset

“The body is wise, the confusion is from the mind” -Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

In life, an achievement mindset allows you to get everything you can out of whatever activity you commit to. From an exercise standpoint, you want to do everything you can to reach your goal and to keep progressing each day, each week, and each month. Having control of your mindset and thoughts is the beginning of preparing for every session. How do you start practicing this art of mindfulness and how do you implement it into your routine?

  • Prepare your body.
  • Allow yourself to put aside whatever happened during the day.
  • Soak in those 60 minutes and really be present in that moment while you’re working out. (Imagine how many hours of your day were already spent working.)
Photography by James Zamora

Photography by James Zamora

This is how it begins.  With every bit of time you put in, it’s time that’s all getting you closer to realizing your potential and reaching your goal. So to do this, you have to be willing to work on your craft (body) even when you don’t feel like doing it. This could mean waking up an hour earlier on the weekend after you’ve already worked all week or coming in after a stressful work day. It could also mean waking up earlier before work and getting the early workout in to start your day while everyone else is still sleeping.  

Your preparation involves doing the little things such as foam rolling at home, before your session starts, and continuing to do so until it becomes a habit. Your preparation involves learning about your own body and being aware of how you feel. Your preparation involves being open to new environments and letting your coach push you out of your comfort zone. Like everything, it takes practice and discipline. The better you get, the more people will take notice of your progress.

By shifting your mindset towards achievement, you can better align all your actions with your goals and reflect on what you can learn from every outcome. You must believe in the process. Believe in yourself to figure out the best way to achieve what you really want from your time and energy.

When I am in an exercise environment, I have found that music creates an energy that puts me in a good mood and brings my attention and focuses to the task at hand. I find that I am not distracted from other thoughts or things outside of the gym that could be bothering me. Through music, I am able to focus on achieving my mindset for that day and what I want to accomplish. The point of having an achievement mindset is to help reach a different level that helps you focus on accomplishing something greater. Whatever it is that helps you achieve your mindset, find it and OWN it!