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How to Become a Posture Pro


How to Become a Posture Pro

Are you aware of your posture?

It’s not all about puffing your chest out or rolling your shoulders back, as a matter of fact that should be the least of your worries. Yes, those two factors may help your posture, but for how long or how long until you feel uncomfortable? We all want less back pain, less stress, less neck and shoulder pain, improved breathing, and improved energy. Let yourself control the outcome. Body awareness is one aspect that is overlooked but can be the most useful when trying to correct your posture.

“Posture isn't just physical.  It's a psychophysical (mind/body) state that we get into in response to our environment, emotions, and people with whom we interact.”

We habitually tend to put ourselves in postural problems by overly tensing certain muscles in the neck and shoulders that actually pull our heads out of alignment with the spine. Being aware of how your body feels and concentrating on your body movements one thing leads to another; it will allow you to have better focus in general, your body will be in a better alignment,  and can help reduce pain and stress. With the proper help at P4L, learning these aspects will help decrease your pain and discomfort.

Key training tools you’ll gain from us?

  • Observations : we observe and assess your movements
  • Breathing : different ways of breathing that create proper balance in core stability and muscle distribution
  • Corrective exercises and proper queues : modified exercise to fit your body type
  • Proper coaching on body awareness (what/how you should feel)
  • Results and feedback  : measurements of spinal and pelvic angles to show improvements in alignment

Practice, practice, practice! How else will you become good at something? Practicing proper posture alignment with the help of body awareness takes time, concentration, and persistence. For example, reflect on that time when you took the LSATS, or when you had your first corporate presentation (now, you’re a pro), or something even as simple as riding a bike. It does not happen all at once, but being mindful about your body can create an improvement in exercise performance, decreased stress and pain, and better concentration.




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