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#HowIPerformForLife : Gloria


#HowIPerformForLife : Gloria

How do you exercise/socialize/revitalize?

I come to P4L probably 4 group classes a week. I run a couple days a week. I had an injury recently, and I realized how much I appreciated the social aspects of working out, too. We know each other on a first-name basis. We know each other, and we know when one is missing in class. We look out for each other, and the trainers know my injuries. It’s a very social, inclusive fun place to work out. It never feels like I’m just going to grind through a workout. Everyone says hello when you come in and goodbye when you leave.

When did health and wellness become an important part of your life?

When I turned 30, I realized that I could no longer run 6 days a week, I needed to add different things to my workout. I was running about 35 miles a week, and I did that for years. I started looking around for gyms that I wanted to go to. I tried a bunch of big box gyms, and I joined and I would go, but I just didn’t like it. I kept up with running, and I would hardly go to the gym. I found Perform for Life, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been to the gym consistently - numerous times a week. You know when I would take group classes at Crunch or Gold’s , there would be like 30 people, the guy was yelling at us, and there was no quality control. It was crazy. It felt like an injury waiting to happen.

What has kept you here for the past 4 years?

Honestly, I joined because it was nearby, but I have stayed because of the community and the quality of the trainers. I love Bryant and Justine, and everyone who works here is super great. It’s super great.

At your weakest point, what kept you going?

I’d say I’m a pretty stubborn, motivated kind of dedicated person just by personality. So even when you feel like you’re not going to get better or things aren’t going to get better, you just have to dedicate yourself to the next thing until it’s over. You can get overwhelmed if you try to take on the whole burden all at once.

Song that gets you excited about working out

They always tease me, because I love 90's rap. I love working out to 90's rap! What’s that one Mary J. Blige song “Family Affair”? I cannot stand working out to pop music, because it’s like a product that’s not real. People who are working out are doing something real, and most of the 90's hip hop and rap was real. Pop music is not art, and I just feel like people who are working hard should get something authentic.

When was the last time you were proud of yourself? 

I had a serious back injury. I had to go to the doctor 4 days a week for 4 months. I had to take a leave of absence from here. I was in traction. My back is a lot better. One of my goals was to come back here and get back to my old life. I finally did it! I’m back and running again. I’m back at P4L 3-4 classes a week. It was depressing, and I missed this place. I missed working out.

What's a misconception people have about you?

I think some of the newer trainers around here think that I’m not strong because I look older. After working out with them a while, I prove to them that older people can be strong and fit, too.

What are your next goals? Where do you want to go from here?

Before I had to have all this treatment on my back probably because I was pushing myself too hard. Now that this treatment worked, and I’m back at P4L. I realize how precious it is to be able to do this. I’m going to listen to my body and pace myself. I’m not going to overtrain or push too hard. When you’re a Type A person, it’s hard to not push as hard as you can. You have to listen to your body. You have to honor your limits. I want to be able to maintain and continue this way forever.


Hiking Your Way to Happiness


Hiking Your Way to Happiness

About a month ago I went on the trip of a lifetime to Banff National Park in Canada with my best friend. I had no idea that this trip would end up being the highlight of my life thus far. Prior to this trip, neither my friend nor I had ever been out of the country, yet alone had a passport. It’s a wonder what a small book of paper can do for you.


Well, what made this adventure so special anyway? This trip was probably one of the most important pieces of self-care I could have possibly given myself. The reason why it was so necessary is because I specifically took time away for myself, unplugged from the internet for a couple of days and immersed myself in nature. Granted, I wish I was better at taking time for myself on a daily basis, but those ten days helped more than you can imagine. I came back from my trip refreshed, more appreciative of those around me, and focused on what lies ahead.


Here are some takeaways from my trip that I hope to pass on:

  1. You don’t have to go on a trip to take time for yourself. It can be as easy as turning your phone off for 10 minutes as you get ready for bed. If you can’t be bothered with turning off your phone, just put it on do not disturb.

  2. Get a hobby! Whether that’s photography, cooking, hiking, or even card making (I like to dabble in all four). We’re all workaholics here in SF and deserve to enjoy more than just work.

  3. Say no. This is probably the hardest of the three recommendations thus far but is also the most rewarding, in my opinion. unless you have FOMO (fear of missing out), then maybe tread lightly on this one. If you don’t feel like going to your co-workers friend’s sister’s birthday dinner because you would rather stay at home and rewatch Friends for the fifth time, then don’t be afraid to do it! You know better than anyone what you do and don’t want to do, so let that be the deciding factor - do what you want to do, not what others pressure you to do. Don’t let FOMO run your life. :)

  4. Lastly, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Taking time for yourself takes real persistence and actual effort. Start small: take a couple minutes out of your day for you and you only, and do something that you love to do. Even just something relaxing, something that helps you wind down - watching your favorite show, painting your nails, listening to music, dancing! - can have a beneficial effect. Once you’ve mastered a couple of minutes of you-time, the options are really endless.


Now, I can’t teach you how to take time for yourself. I can only share what has helped me and hope you find yours. Taking time for yourself can be very daunting at first, but once you find balance, the reward will be well worth it.


All About Posture: The T-Spine


All About Posture: The T-Spine


The thoracic spine resides in the mid and upper back, between the cervical and lumbar spines. This is an area of the body that is supposed to have a lot of mobility in a completely healthy person. Figure 1 shows via a joint by joint analysis of the human body that thoracic spine should be mobile while the cervical and lumbar are stable.

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You! The human body will adapt to something it does repeatedly, even sometimes if it isn't in our greatest interest. In today's society it's pretty hard to avoid doing say, driving, sitting at desk, or just leaning forward to look at your phone. These are all habits that, unless great posture is kept, can each worsen shoulder slumping and thoracic mobility. Think about how much time you personally spend in a chair each day, do you keep good posture the whole time? That is how life is in this day and age, always moving or leaning forward.


 Check out the video above this post to see a couple simple exercises that can be done just about anywhere!


Thoracic immobility can stem into pain in multiple spots. Like stated above in the joint by joint analysis the cervical and lumbar spines should be stable, but when the thoracic spine is immobile one or both of these can become mobile. Mobility in these spots can be bad news, leading to chronic issues in the neck and lower back, or even a larger acute injury. By adding corrective exercises to your training routine that are aimed at increasing thoracic mobility, you can reduce pain and increase performance of most measures.




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