As a trainer, I often get asked by others if I love exercise. Now, the answer to that question can be tricky. Speaking for myself, I’d answer it with a yes and a no.

Yes, because I love the feeling after a hard workout of knowing that I finished it. Yes, because I love the feeling of knowing that I’m getting stronger after each workout when I see my numbers go up. Yes, because after I work out, I feel as though I’ve sweated out all of my anxieties and have a clearer mind.

On the other hand, no. No, because I often feel pressured by social media and the people around me to look a certain way. No, because even as a trainer, I get intimidated by some people at the gym - there is always someone who is stronger and more fit than I am. No, because sometimes, the reality of the day takes over and working out just won’t cut it.

Now that doesn’t seem like an answer you might hear, right?

I’m only human, and sometimes choose my bed over the weights. I, too, like to indulge in Salt and Straw’s newest holiday flavors. I, too, am like every other person on this planet, so when I feel a little self-conscious about how I look, I want to change it.

I am by no means saying that I’m perfect. What I am saying is that it’s okay to take time off of exercise because you don’t have, and can’t find, the motivation to go. It’s okay to take time off of exercise because you’re bored with your current routine. It’s okay if you sometimes feel weaker than you did during the previous workout. All of these things are okay, they’re normal, and they happen to everyone.

But what can you do?

Should you quit? NO. Never.

You can keep moving, keep striving to be a better version of yourself, and lastly, know that there is always tomorrow - the weights will still be there.