Not Just your fitness solution, we are your pain to performance solution.

Our personal training experts meet you where you're at by designing your exercise program based on your goals, needs, and our findings observed in your assessment. 

Coaching rates vary from $120-$150 per session depending on your coach and personalized training program prescribed during your assessment. 

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Functional Assessment

$135 | 60 Minutes

Our thorough FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT is required prior to starting a 1:1 coaching plan. Within the assessment our coaches will evaluate your mobility, movement, and motor control.  Depending on your goals, additional evaluations are available for body composition, posture, and athletic performance. Based on your unique needs, we meet you where you are at, creating a personalized experience that takes from the top tiered assessments in the fitness industry.  Whether it's diminishing pain, enhancing athletic performance, or improving the way you move, our experts will help tailor a 1:1 Coaching plan to help you with your goals!  Please reserve 60 minutes for the this process-initial assessment, report of findings, and treatment plan.

 lifestyle assessment

$199 | 90 Minutes

In addition to our FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT, you will spend 30 minutes completing a NUTRITION CONSULTATION. We'll set you up with a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach who will meet you where you're at and offer practical solutions to your nutritional needs. Our goal is to make eating right fit into your San Francisco lifestyle.

OUR 1:1 Focuses

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our certifications

Our Perform For Life Movement Specialists are master level personal trainers with degrees in Kinesiology who practice top of the line assessments in the health and fitness industry. As a team, we've spent $2,551,000 and counting on education.

Read why we were voted #1 gym (2017) and #1 personal training gym in the Bay Area according to Bay Area A-List City Voter (2016), as well as why we are listed as the #1 gym in San Francisco according to Yelp on SFGate (2016 and 2017).