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Need a fitness solution that is somewhere in between personal training and small group classes? Semi-private training (also known as shared personal training) might just be the right fit for you! Our semi-private session combine the energy and community feel with strength training, and use equipment like the barbell, dip bar, pull-up bar, bench press, dumbbells, and cables. Semi-private training also uses a structured training program with planned progressions and input fields to track progress.


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Our semi-private training program is scientifically-backed from our backgrounds in kinesiology and exercise science. Let's start by defining some of the terminology. A microcycle is generally 7 days or a week long. The mesocycle is a period of 3 weeks long. A macrocycle refers to the overall training period which is 12 weeks long at P4L, but you can join at any time.

The science behind this programming is to ensure adaptations are created in strength and muscle gain throughout your training. Each 3-week mesocycle has a focus on either intensity (increased demands on load) or volume (increased amount of sets and repetitions in a given workout). We then alternate from mesocyle to mescocyle with volume and intensity so that we have 2 phases of each in the given macrocycle.  

The benefit of training like this is to make sure our athletes are constantly getting improvements in their training by changing the stimulus on the body just as they are getting adjusted to the 3 week mesocycle, so that it doesn't adapt.

Below, we've attached our programs so that you can do them yourself and track your progress. You can download these excels and fill in your performed weights and progress.


Semi-private training is recommended for anyone has been strength training for at least 1 year. If you're not sure if it's the right fit for you, our 50-minute Strength Assessment is recommended to see where your baseline is and how your body moves doing the basic compound lifts.


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