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Exclusively at our Mission/Castro location

Our boutique personal training studio offers an intimate setting with class sizes that are limited to eight people. Every Movement Specialist on our team has a degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science, in addition to certifications that qualify them to help you move better. Our small group training is fun, creative, and effective - a perfect way to improve your general fitness.

Classes We Offer

  • Functional Strength Training: Focus on big lifts, building muscle, and burning fat in this weights-based class.

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): HIIT can be described as brief, intermittent bouts of exercise, often performed with an “all out” effort. This class is fun and intense, and can be modified to accommodate all levels.

  • TRX + Strength: Make your body your machine! This class is a TRX-based full-body workout focused on building strength, muscle growth, stability and coordination. 

  • Boxing Skills and Conditioning: Learn boxing drills and combos on the spot and become more metabolically conditioned. No prior skills needed.

  • HIIT + Strength: A combination of high-intensity bouts of cardio and weight-based movements intended to burn calories and build muscle. 

  • Vinyasa Yoga All Levels: In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. 

  • Friday Night Lights: A combination of all of our classes - the main goal is to have fun and start the weekend right!

  • Recovery Sunday: A form of myofascial release using Theragun and Hypervolt vibrational guns!

  • Run Lab: (Note: these classes takes place at our Hayes Valley location)

    • Strength and Conditioning for Runners: Strength training is a critical component of running faster, and staying injury free. Our certified running coaches will take you through running specific drills and a strength training program designed to help you shatter personal records and keep nagging injuries on the bench.

    • Injury Prevention for Runners: Are injuries slowing you down or keeping you from doing what you love? Our certified running coaches will take you through specific drills and exercises to help reduce the risk of the most common running injuries.



*Automonthly personal training packages of:
12 times per month receive 12 semi-private training sessions per month & unlimited small group classes
8 times per month receive 8 semi-private training sessions per month & unlimited small group classes
4 times per month receive 4 semi-private training sessions & unlimited small group classes

**Automonthly semi-private training packages receive unlimited small group classes


*Our prices are reflective of our education (degrees, seminars, and certifications) and the commitment to providing a quality lifestyle for our employees, including benefits like healthcare and 401k match. Thank you for your support

*With purchase of a drop-in, you have seven days from the day of your visit to put drop-in price towards your first monthly package

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