Terms and Conditions


  • Personal Training Membership

    • No initiation fees.

    • No refunds.

    • Memberships and services are non-transferrable.

    • This package will run auto-monthly from the day of purchase and can be adjusted at your request via e-mail. We are happy to adjust or skip payments (due to built-up sessions, travel, etc), but we cannot process refunds.

    • Cancel at any time 

    • Sessions expire two months from the date of purchase.


  • Semi-Private Training + Small Group Membership

    • Sessions do not roll over.

    • No initiation fees.

    • No refunds.

    • Memberships and services are non-transferrable.

    • Packages will run auto-monthly and requires 30 days notice via email to be terminated.

    • Small group members have a 3-hour window for canceling session(s) or it will be counted as used for limited memberships or a $35 reservation fee for unlimited memberships. For 1:1 members and bodywork, there's a 24-hour window for cancellations or rescheduling or the session will be counted as used.

    • There's a 30-day cancellation policy 

    • Small group memberships and semi-private training memberships can be paused for $15/month upon e-mail notification. There are not any options to pause your membership for less than a month.


  • If you have limited or unlimited auto-monthly small group membership, auto-monthly shared personal training, or are a 1:1 client, you may bring a guest to small group classes.

  • You have unlimited guest passes during your training here at Perform for Life. Each guest can visit up to 2 times. 
    • Your guest must:

      • Fill out payment information.

        1. Note: This payment info will only be used in the case of a late cancel or no show, which comes with a $35 late cancellation fee. Otherwise, the class is FREE for the guest!

        2. Late cancel: Cancellation within 3 hours of the start of class.

      • Sign the online waiver.

      • Create a profile on the Mindbody website.

        1. Click on the login button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

        2. In the search bar on the new page type "Perform for Life" and select the option that appears on the screen.

        3. This will then take you to the sign in page to create a profile.

    • You must:

      • Once they’ve completed the above steps, reach out to Coach Austin Stubbs via e-mail, CC your guest 48 hours prior to the chosen class, and specify which class you two will take together.

      • We will process the reservation on our end, and as stated before, the class is complimentary upon arrival!

      • You must attend the class with them.