next bootcamp starts october 28, 2019


Our bootcamp includes 4 weeks of training with our movement specialist, Melissa Yu. In this bootcamp, we utilize our kinesiology background to give you the best results possible, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or boosted endurance! The best part? Get rewarded for your transformation. Lose 8lbs or 2% body fat or gain 2lbs of muscle and get 50% of the cost back towards P4L credit! This is a 10 people max program, so secure your spot before they’re all gone!


  • 4 weeks

  • 4 days/week; M, T, Th, F 6am-7am at our Hayes Valley location

  • Price: $549

  • 10 people max

  • Open to any level of fitness

What’s included:

  • 4 weeks of training, 4x a week M, T, Th, F from 6am-7am

  • One 30-minute complimentary assessment that includes PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire), brief functional movement screening, and InBody assessment

  • One 30-min complimentary consultation with our registered dietician, Emily Champoux

  • 2 small group and 2 semi private sessions

  • 2 InBody assessments: One before the Bootcamp and one after

  • Access to a movement specialist 

What to expect:

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • HIIT 

  • Cardio Boxing

  • Metabolic training 

  • Equipment includes: TRX, Kettlebells/Dumbbells/barbells, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, ladders, Sled, boxing gloves, etc. 

  • Members will receive full program after signing up

    To find out more, reach out to our movement specialist, Melissa Yu.

    (415) 828 - 8942 |


Emily Alvarado.jpg

I lost 8.2lbs, and 1.2% BF

What I enjoyed were the mini workout stations, different body part workouts on different days, different abs workouts, and the fancy scale.

Of course I would recommend it!

-Franklin La Pointe


I lost 1.7lbs, gained 1.7lbs of muscle, and lost 3.2% BF. I loved the variety throughout the week. Every day is different, and I learned a lot of new exercises to add to my routine. I highly recommend it!”

- Samantha Mansfield

“Bootcamp exceeded my expectations! I did bootcamp to prep for my wedding and it gave me the results I wanted - that extra push and discipline to build strength and power. I was intimidated going into it, but Melissa is a welcoming and efficient trainer. Each class was customized so it never got boring. We also gradually increased intensity over each week. My biggest results were seen at the mid-point (2 wks in). I feel better than I ever have and could not have made this progress on my own. In my view it all comes down to the person who is leading bootcamp and Melissa is very talented.”

- Emily Alvarado

Franklin La Pointe.jpg

“I lost 4lbs, and 2%BF. Every day was something different, I normally can get pretty bored at the gym but Melissa kept it interesting and challenging every day. Loved working out early in the morning, no better way to start your day. Class was high energy, group environment motivates to push hard. Would recommend to everyone across all athletic levels. I think everyone can find something valuable in the program towards whatever goal you are trying to achieve.”

- Salman Ahmed


I gained 5lbs, 2.9lbs of muscle. What did I enjoy – Bootcamp was a great variety of activities and exercises.  No more doing curls for an hour on arm day.  It featured lots of compound movements that work your full body and keep the workouts fresh. Would I recommend – Absolutely.  6am sounds intimidating but if you make the commitment to get to bed earlier, starting your day with a great working provides a nice sense of accomplishment.  Plus there’s always excuses to not work out later in the day.  Nobody has an excuse for 6am.”

- Raheem Choudhry


I lost 2.5% BF, gained 2.2lbs of muscle. I really enjoyed the personalized experience. Melissa really takes care of everyone and gives you a lot of one on one guidance. Highly recommend this program!”

- Belen Tenorio