Our personal training experts meet you where you're at by designing your exercise program based on your goals, needs, and our findings observed in your assessment. Our commitment to education, community, and the overall P4L experience have earned us accolades like #1 gym #1 personal training gym in the Bay Area according to Bay Area A-List City Voter), as well as #1 gym in San Francisco according to Yelp on SFGate.

  • Save up to 50% with our referral program.
  • You can get a 10% discount for midday training sessions.
  • You can use your health savings account (HSA) towards any of our services.
  • No sign up or initiation fees.
  • One InBody analysis per month.
  • Coaching rates vary from $120-150 per session depending on your movement specialist and personalized training program prescribed during your assessment.
  • Month-to-month personal training packages can be cancelled at any time.
  • Complimentary access to small group classes and unlimited guest passes for small group training.*

AdVANCED assessment

Pain & Injury Assessment

$199 | 90 Minutes

For those dealing with injuries or chronic or acute pain, we will take you through the SFMA screening, which is clinical assessment used to systematically find the cause of pain by breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns. Based on your unique needs, we meet you where you are at, creating a personalized experience that takes from the top-tiered assessments in the fitness industry. Please reserve 90 minutes for this process - initial assessment, report of findings, and treatment plan.


The Recommended Assessment

$135 | 60 Minutes

Our Standard Assessment is required prior to starting a 1:1 coaching plan. Within the assessment, our coaches will evaluate your mobility, movement, and motor control. With our expertise in exercise science, we analyze the way your body moves and how we can help you perform better for life. Please reserve 60 minutes for this process - initial assessment, report of findings, and treatment plan. With this package, you will receive assigned exercises post-assessment and an InBody Body Composition Screen.


Functional Screen

$65 | 30 Minutes

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a pre-participation screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance.

Fundamental capacity screen (FCS)

Skill Assessment

$135 | 60 Minutes

The Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) is specifically geared towards athletes and performance goals. It allows us to identify how you express energy, control motion, and maintain posture. It precedes sports-specific testing, because it allows us to see what is missing in your fundamental movement skills.

our certifications

Our Perform For Life Movement Specialists are master level personal trainers with degrees in Kinesiology who practice top of the line assessments in the health and fitness industry. As a team, we've spent $2,551,000 and counting on education.

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